January 27, 2023
https://www.who.int/WHO warns against marketing formula milk


  • WHO has raised its influence over digital marketing of formula milk. As many companies are using different digital techniques to promote their formula milk products and influence the decision making of many families for their baby feeding.
  • WHO has observed that formula milk companies are using many digital methods and ways for promoting their products like small mobile applications and paid social media influencers.


WHO has observed certain companies for promoting their formula milk so aggressively with having no idea that such marketing is changing the behavior of new mothers. Such techniques are being used which can create some social and moral problems for future mothers and babies.

According to global public health body such aggressive marketing method can create a lack of self-confidence in new mothers. As we all know that the breast feeding to babies is a natural phenomena and their are so many complex hormones and enzymes are working for such type of work in female’s body. If the digital marketing continues about formula milk it can definitely has a huge influence on mothers behavior and as well as their internal body hormones and glands through psychiatric pathway.

Dr.Francesco Branca who is director of WHO Nutrition and Food safety department has already said that “The promotion of commercial milk formulas should be banned decades ago”

According to WHO report, the formula milk companies are using many mobile applications, virtual support clubs, paid adds on social media, advisory and consultancy forms through which they are collecting personal information of pregnant women. After collecting their personal information these companies are directly sending them some promotional messages of their formula milk.

Everyone knows about this digital era but going to that peak where someone’s psychology has been played by profit earners is really unbearable.

According WHO report, four million social media posts were generated and circulated which are about new-born’s feeding between January and June 2021, Two billion people got targeted of these posts, 12 millions likes, shares or comments were counted.

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